Friday, February 18, 2011


1 year ago in March, I started working with Coach John Del Peral. I knew in order to meet my goals I needed help. Over the past year, we've met on a weekly basis to accomplish what I thought was my attempt to get better at HSPU's and Muscle Ups. The reality is that he brought a lot more to the table. I learned without a doubt, everyone needs a coach. I also learned the importance of being coachable.

As JDP continues to help me over the next few months, here is how I will be more coachable:

1: Take off my Body Armor aka Be Vulnerable: One definition of vulnerability is to be open to criticism.To paraphrase author Gail Sheehy, ‘For real growth and improvement, one must shed the protective structure like a hardy crustacean and be left exposed and vulnerable.’

2: Be Receptive: Being accessible, interested, open to new ideas, persuadable. I will be an active listener

3: Get off "my way or the highway...": Better said - admit I don't know everything! Let's try it a new way.

4: Inch Forward: Often BIG rewards happen when we focus on the little gains. Skills and drills are valuable (not wasted) sessions!

5: Take a Deep Dive Inward: What's in my head, my speech, my attitude that is keeping me from physically performing?


  1. Lisa, great points! As coaches we see the results of clients that are close minded. But if we don't approach our training or learning with an open mind, we won't grow & improve. Nice work JDP!

  2. I love this miss having a coach.

  3. Fit inside and's the only way. Beautiful, my friend...well said.