Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Fit Foods

FRESH, cost effective, yummy, healthy paleo and zone ISH dishes.....My Fit Foods

All the meals are cooked to order each day! Here is the kitchen and store front on Bee Caves

Check it out! This is how I am saving time, planning ahead, and staying on track with my nutrition goals.

Each meal is labeled with nutritional facts so I can track protein/fat/carbs, etc.

How does it work:
  • Go by there locaiton and pick something up for the week.
  • Order online and pick up YOUR specific order the next day.
  • Call ahead and have them put together YOUR specific order.
The coolers are stocked with just about every meal - pick your meals from this case or....

....order ahead and pick up YOUR specific meal combo for the week.

How much does it cost:
  • Breakfast is around $5 and lunch is around $8
  • CrossFit Central clients get 15% on your first order thru Feb 15th!~

Are they Paleo?

Some of the dishes are but ALL of the dishes are high quality, lower fat and carb, delicious meals.

My favorites are the Salmon and veggies and Lemon turkey (sans rice!!).

Have you tried My Fit Foods yet? What do you think?


  1. Workouts this week went well. I couldn't find a workable soultion to get the recommended workout done, but I got the endurance workout (8 x 200 with 3:1 rest, 19:33) and the Jump rope workout (3 rounds of 30 double-unders, 30 squats 15 push ups, 9:27) done. Bonus - I'm the proud new owner of a jump rope. I haven't had one of those in more than 30 years!

    I went off the Paleo reservation this weekend. We had an odd circle-of-life funeral/40th birthday/college reunion combination weekend that required alcohol and (real) food. It was only one meal that I screwed up, but I screwed it up in style!

    All that's behind me now. My system has readjusted well and I'm back on the wagon. See y'all at the gym!

  2. Jeff did better than I did this weekend. He took a few steps off the paleo reservation, while I was miles from it. I drank beer (Michelob Ultra, though) AND wine. I dabbled in pasta. I ate pretzels. And I'm pretty sure I had a cream-based soup (I didn't mean to, it was an honest mistake, and I didn't want to make a scene at the restaurant by sending it back or not eating at least some of it). I paid the price, though. In fact, I'm still recovering from all my poor diet choices. But, that's behind me now, and I've hopped back up on the paleo horse.

    Workout-wise, I, like Jeff, am the proud owner of a shiny new jump rope (his is blue, mine's pink--cute, right?). So I did the jump rope workout (60 single-unders version) in 6:39. For the endurance workout, I hit all but two of the 200's in :41, with about a 2:00 rest in between each rep. I did that workout right after the jump rope workout, plus added an extra four miles to the run, so I could get some distance in.

    Lastly, Jeff and I did the Saturday morning workout in St. Louis. I already sent a photo of that, and, as Jeff noted, we had to make a slight modification (dips instead of pull-ups), but it was kind of fun to do a workout in a brand new city, I mean, like, smack in the middle of downtown. All part of the I Am CrossFit adventure!

  3. Week two was bittersweet for me. I’ll start with the bad and end with the good.

    I’m a little disappointed in my week two diet. I cut down to one fruit a day but that led to HUGE sugar cravings at night! And of course the only way to satisfy a sugar craving is to chocolate chip cookies right? Well no – but unfortunately it was for me. Let’s just say I did not reach my week two 80/20 paleo goal. However, the good news is that after Lisa (and JDP) looked over my food logs they said I could add fruits into a post-workout meal. YEA!!! That change has allowed me to beat (or altogether not have) those late night sugar cravings. Thanks Lisa and JDP!!!

    My second disappointment is I was only able to complete one extra workout. Early in the week I started having lower back pain (thanks to sitting at a desk all day) and that prevented me from doing my own WOD’s on Tues & Thurs. But after calling into work "sick" Thursday (due to my back hurting) I decided to go see Dr. Z at Advanced Rehabilitation...and he fixed me up real good and showed me some new ways to stretch the back while sitting at my desk. Anyhow, I was finally well and able to do an extra WOD on Saturday. I did the 5 rounds of 10 DB Cleans (I used 40 lbs) and 5x20 yard sprint. I had to do the running part on a treadmill at Gold’s Gym and it took me 23:01. I learned it’s a little difficult to sprint on a treadmill!!!

    So what’s the good part of week two you ask...well last Sunday my wife and I decided to do our weekly grocery shopping at Whole Foods. We’ve always gone to Whole Foods to grab lunch or dinner, but neither of us had actually done any grocery shopping there. Well, all I have to say is WOW!!! I can’t believe the lie I was telling myself for the past several years...that eating quality meats and vegetables would not make a difference in the way I felt or the taste of food. I was so wrong! Other than my heart skipping a beat (or two) during checkout, I can’t believe how much better I felt throughout the week and how much more flavorful our food was. Of course shopping at Whole Foods is more expensive than shopping at HEB/Randals/Sprouts, but my wife and I have already decided our health is worth the extra money...we just won’t spend so much on other chocolate chip cookies!!! ;-) I’m glad to report yesterday we went back to Whole Foods and we’re still enjoying quality food...

    Bring it week three!!!

  4. I hope that this place makes so that we can try it out when we get back. So close to the old hood too. I can definitely tell that we eat differently here and I want to continue eating well when we get back. Biggest difference...hardly any processed foods here. You can't imagine how much that weighs you down. And we aren't even crossfitting!

  5. we'd love to have you when you get back! You and Kobi looked great when I saw you - you're right walking around (instead of driving EVERYWHERE) and eating REAL food makes such a difference! Enjoy and my best to Kobi and Finn!

  6. Lisa, I really like My Fit Foods. I did their first 21-day challenge, which started Jan. 4, and found the food good, the program easy to stick to, and lost 8.5 lbs. and 2.5% body fat (by Alex's caliper method!) It definitely relies on no caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and minimally or non-processed food. I'm really happy with it and planning to continue for another 3-4 weeks, but find it's much closer to being Zone (it's 40/40/20, rather than Zone 40/30/30) than Paleo since the breakfasts, lunches and snacks often include potatoes, rice, pasta, quinoa, yoga or corn tortillas. The dinners are definitely paleo. What are your thoughts about it fitting into a CrossFit-friendly diet?