Success Stories



  • Mother to a 6 month old boy
  • Lost 5lbs
  • Lost 8 and 3/4 inches
Caitlin's products:  24 Day Challenge
Caitlin says:
Support from the coaches and other ladies was awesome! Loved the Facebook page where photos, answers to questions and encouragement was readily available. The sense of community made it that much more fun and empowering. Food Log was helpful for accountability. Knowing that I had to put down what I had eaten for everyone to see, limited the cheats exponentially!! ;) 
After week 1, I could already see a difference. I was feeling lighter and leaner with a ton of energy. My mobility was coming back due to less inflammation from diet... Even my coaches in class and classmates noticed! 
Advocare products were incredibly easy to use and taste good! Spark was a morning lifesaver and a lot easier than brewing some coffee. It definitely gave me the boost that I needed after a sleepless night. Meal Replacement was surprisingly filling and delicious especially when having those chocolate cravings. 
Thanks again Lisa!!! I really do love this program! Just got another friend started on the 24 day challenge. She noticed the weight that I had lost doing operation #comeback and asked how..... She ordered her stuff yesterday! 


  • Mother to a 10 month old baby boy
  • Lost 3.2% body fat
Nicole's products:  24 Day Challenge
Nicole says:
I am so grateful to you for putting this group together - it was wonderful to find a group of like-minded "mommies" who are also serious about fitness. This program was the jump-start I needed to get those last 10-15 pounds off.  I've been eating great and working out hard ever since, and I'm continuing to see results. As far as products go, I love the MNS Max E product - it's made a difference in how I feel and I'm able to work out even harder.  I've just signed up for my distributor account, so I'll be keeping it up!


  • Mother to a 5 month old baby girl
  • Lost 7 lbs
  • Gained 2 lbs muscle
  • Lost 4.5% body fat
  • Lost 6.5 inches
Collanne's products:  24 Day Challenge

Collanne says: 
I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything!  This was exactly the kick in the ass I needed to get on the path to where I was pre-pregnancy.  It seems as if I had lost all of my discipline, and I didn’t have a specific goal in mind.  I was just floundering!  I am, again, making better choices when I go out to lunch, or when it’s been a long day and I don’t want to cook.  I am starting to PR on some of my lifts, and I know a lot of that is due to my new changes.  Thanks for being an inspiration and proving that you can have it all!....I was most pleased with these numbers because I try not to concern myself with my actual weight.  I am 6’ tall and will never weigh what a lot of other women weigh.  Muscle weighs more than fat anyways, and my goal is not to be “skinny fat” but to be strong yet lean!!  As I already told you, I gained 2 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks!......Thank you so much for this opportunity!  I enjoyed it!!!  And as a by-product, my husband also lost some weight!