Monday, September 28, 2009

CrossFit Culture - Keeping it alive!

What is CrossFit? It's more than the definition you'll find in the CrossFit Journal - it's a culture - some say a cult:) I tip toed my way into CrossFit about three years ago and have been hooked ever since! Just take one look at CrossFit Central's success stories and there is no doubt that CrossFit works....and the community makes it fun!
At CrossFit Central the month of October is dedicated to 'old school CrossFit'. The posts and workouts will be a reminder to those of us who've been around of where we came from and who started it all - and it's an introduction to the new crossfitters to .com

October WODS will be The Girls and The Heroes - ask a coach where each WOD orginated!
Enjoy the history - Embrace the heritage!

I am almost sad that I won't be around most of October to participate in the WOD's....almost :)
I'll be in Hawaii enjoying time with my husband! See you all when we return!


  1. I'll be in Hawaii enjoying my husband! See you all when we return! ......

    that's what I'm talking about Lisa! ;)