Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneak Attack!!

Wow - Do you ever see a WOD and think "oh, that won't be too bad" or think that it will get you one way and it sneaks up on you from a totally different angle? That is exactly what happened to me today.
The WOD:
5 rounds of max reps
Bench Press - I did 115lbs - RX was body weight (140lbs)
Pull ups
Back Squats - RX: body weight

CrossFit workouts are not supposed to be easy but this one got me! By round three I was nauseous - By the end of round 5 I was glad to have the support of the other coaches and surprised at how much a WOD like this one can tax my cardiovascular system!

My weakness is obvious....bench press!
Rnd 1: 7/20/20
Rnd 2: 7/20/22
Rnd 3: 5/16/22
Rnd 4: 6/18/20
Rnd 5: 6/20/20

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