Sunday, October 18, 2009

When was the last time you were at McDonald's??

So are you wondering what Jeremy and I have been doing for the past two weeks?!! I plan to share some of the adventures we had in Hawaii -but I thought I'd start with the side bar we had in Austin on Saturday night.....

After a day of sorting gifts (wow, people are generous!), putting together furniture, and an array of other 'back to the real world' tasks - I decided that a McDonald's 89 cent ice cream cone was just what I needed to top the day off! Who knows where that came from - I haven't had one of those in YEARS!
Jeremy tried to convince me that Whole Foods gelato was a better way to go but after sampling the entire gelato selection he agreed that McD's it had to be. So, we quietly waited for the sun to set (can't have the Double C's car spotted in a McD's drive thru), scoped out the Jack and Adam's parking lot to make sure none of our boot campers were around and drove into the South Lamar Golden Arches......It was worth it!

While I am not sure how "real" the ingredients are in anything from McDonald's - the low down on this treat is 150kcal - 2.5 carb blocks, 2 fat blocks

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  1. hi my sweet friend :)
    2 things:

    1) I too, adore this low cal, satisfying snack and I'm not even an "ice cream person" (Amy's mexican vanilla, is exception to that rule)
    2) beautiful pics of the honey moon :) Makes me miss this islands even more
    blessings to you.