Monday, November 9, 2009

Jump start on my New Year's Resolutions!

Nov 1st 2009 Goals
3 month – Feb 1st 2010
Exit strategy in action to sell the house and move
• Dedicate at least 5 hours a week to personal devopement and education
• Redefine finances – organization – budget with Jeremy

12 month – Nov 1st 2010
Refine time management skills – minimizing ‘analysis paralysis’ syndrom
• Learn to dream again – think bigger than where I am and what I have
• 8:00pm goal time to unplug and spend time with friends/Jeremy
3 month – Feb 1st 2010
Define/Develop CFE – HUGE JANUARY LAUNCH!!!!
o Do YOU want to learn to enjoy running? Become more efficient?
• Fill both Jack and Adam’s boot camps with 15 people -
o Yes, YOU can help me with that ! Bring a friend or tell a budy about the classes!
• Coaching time limited and focused : J&A and Endurance Elements/CFE Classes
• Secure roll out side of coaching as liason in community – amoung affiliates – SICFIT?, Black Box?, Business training?
12 month – Nov 1st 2010
Increase 2009 income by 25% in 2010
• Olympic Certification
• 90% of time committed to liason position with CrossFit Central
3 month – Feb 1st 2010
2x a week skill work on gymnastics/rings with a goal of improving muscle ups/push ups
• Weigh and measure: paleo/zone Nov 2nd until Thanksgiving
• Slowly regain run skill/speed for 3m ½ marathon in January – injury free
12 month – Nov 1st 2010
5 muscle ups
• Qualify for 2010 Games
• Plan 2010 even schedule that includes at least 2 triathlon, 1 du-athlon, CrossFit qualifiers, distance run on trails

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