Friday, January 15, 2010

We're all in this together!

1 week down - 7 to go! As you committ to making changes over the next 7 weeks - remember, you're not in this alone! Tune out the nay-sayers and listen to your teammates....

Kris and Jeff acted on my suggestion to document the I Am CrossFit journey and sent me this photo from their dinner at Trudy's RIGHT AFTER the nutrition meeting!

Trudy's Tex-Mex Adventure from last night--yummy! (No chips were harmed in the making of this photo--the red chip in the middle of the guac is just for show, I promise!) Kris & Jeff

Melisa is working hard to stay Paleo - check out the recipes, shopping tips and the SUCKOMETER entry from Jan 8th! Melisa's Blog

Take a look at Catherine's dedication to the challenge as she reflects on the importance of having friends take the "I call BS on YOU" motivational approach (Jan 11th)! Catherine's Blog

Do you have some to share?
If you're documenting your I Am CrossFit adventure - we'd love to see it!

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  1. Great comment from Catherine on the BS call! It is a huge motivator to get "that look" from our peers and coaches when we're aiming too low. I am a habitual offender when it comes to selling myself short and Coach John Del Peral called me out just this morning.

    I was trying to back off the prescribed weight for the power cleans in this morning's WOD because I couldn't get under the bar on my first attempt. As I was reaching for the clip to take the weight off JDP asked me what I thought I was doing. He assured me I could do it. More importantly, he made me try... really TRY. That is, walking up to the bar knowing you can do it and trusting in yourself that you can pull it off.

    Turns out it was my confidence and my form, not my muscles, that were at fault. The bar had me beat before I had even picked it up on that first attempt.

    During the workout I knocked out 2 sets of 10 at a weight I was about to walk away from after one failed attempt.

    I'm not sure which got a better workout this morning, my muscles or my mind!

    Great BS call JDP!