Sunday, February 7, 2010

Relentless Adventure Challenge

Saturday was the kick off for our 1st annual Relentless Adventure Challenge! The event was a LEVEL 10 experience for everyone involved!

A few things are certain - the participants WILL see results over the next 7 weeks - this is just the 1st of several Relentless Adventure Challenges - the coaches were all jealous we didn't get to participate on Saturday! It looked like a BLAST!

The calm before the storm.....

Carrie - Stephanie - Emily - and Jennifer. I get the pleasure of coaching 3 of these ladies at Jack and Adam's Relentless bootcamp!

The entire Relentless Adventure Challenge crew!

Check out ALL THE PHOTOS here!

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  1. What an awesome time!loved it! Nothin like being around invigorating people on a beautiful mornin' w/fire in the heart and smiles everywhere... But man that water was COLD!!:)