Sunday, March 28, 2010

Six years in the making! My best sales job ever!

I moved to Austin 7yrs ago this May. About 6 months after I moved here I started trying to convince my sister/best friend to join me in Texas! No way!!- it was too hot - too "Texas" - and she didn't want to follow her big sister.

Well, after six years of selling, telling, begging her to move to Austin - SHE'S HERE! To be honest, the selling point wasn't me it was really the town and my husband, Jeremy (no surprise, she loves him).

With no further ado- meet Susan !

P.S. she is looking for a job! and an apartment :)


  1. Susan,
    Austin's goin to LOVE you!!
    So glad you're here:)

  2. Susan is awesome! I know this, I met her. :)