Monday, April 12, 2010

Get out of my (own) way!

Friday: Jeremy and the 'boys' got together for Project Mayhem, I decided to go solo to Jack and Adam's happy hour. Freakin' great idea! Beer - food - old friends and my personal favorite, lots of random conversation!
Saturday: A lot of nothing - followed by a nap - a visit to a coffee shop - another nap - and following Jeremy's request to go see Girl Talk at the Forty Acre Fest. Another freakin' great idea! Perfect weather - good music - awesome people watching!
Sunday: Texas State Sprint Triathlon - over six months since my last bike ride - not much running lately - only one 10 min swim since at least October.....and you guessed it - Freakin' great idea! Fun - fast - not a bad finish for being rusty!

We both raced - Jeremy warmed up in his hoodie but I had to show off my new outfit for the photo! THANKS, GINA!

Hands down one of the best weekends ever and if I had listened to "myself"- none of it would have happened. Before every one of the "freakin' great ideas" listed I had about ten reasons why I shouldn't do it or why something else would be smarter or why it was too much trouble. It was one of those weekends I thought - what if - what if I had listened to all the caution - reason - doubt?? I would have missed out - that's what!

On Sunday, Jeremy listened to my excitement - my appreciation for his company - my recap of the much needed weekend and said one thing:

Imagine if life were like this all the time. Imagine what it would be like if you got out of your own way!

.....I imagine it would be FREAKIN' GREAT......maybe I'll try it!


  1. Good stuff!!! I could not agree more. I second guess myself A LOT and I simply need to "get out of my own way." Thanks for the reminder! See ya in the morning.

  2. Well hello, stranger!! It's Nicole Williams from high school. Amy Pryor just sent me your picture and I thought I'd say "what's up!" I'm in New York with my husband now and very pregnant (34 weeks to be exact). It sounds like you're doing well. It's good to read a bit about your life! Keep me posted on new occurrences for you.

    Always good to get caught up,

  3. Awesome that you just did a sprint tri like that. I would love to do one later this summer/fall after the games and such. Let me know if you would be interested. I could use a training partner for sure. Its something I have always wanted to do, but have yet to actually cut out the time to make it happen.