Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The photo says it all!

This message is for many of YOU out there (as well as myself)! In January I participated in I AM CROSSFIT with my team. I always food log, always workout, but not always with intention. So for the challenge I did the benchmark workout, tightened up my nutrition, my training was more focused (Sectionals were in March), and got a body assessment, etc.

After March - end of I AM CROSSFIT and now training for Regionals - I kept up the focused training, continued to food log, but didn't run as much and added a few more margaritas and wine nights in my schedule. I started doing more heavy WODS and added 2 more blocks of protein to my daily intake. I am stronger now than 2 months ago - I am feeling fitter than I've ever felt - my energy and nutrition is good (sans the ritas and pinot). I have been training with intention and adding Advocare performance supplements with the goal of becoming more powerful.

AND THEN IT HAPPENED.....All of a sudden my female brain started telling me I was fat. My clothes fit differently (tighter.....shorter.....) I could 'see' a difference, or so I thought - I could 'feel' a difference and it wasn't good. I got on the scale and it was 6 lbs heavier than in Jan and 4 lbs heavier than in April.

Maybe I should run more - maybe I should cut the protein back down - maybe I should have skipped the "best night ever" with my sister and some wine...YIKES - of course my poor husband has been hearing my 'dilema' for weeks now. He can only say "Lisa, you're crazy. It's in your head. You've just put on muscle" so many times.

First of all, if you're female - you know we don't hear that when it's said! Second of all, if you're male - you know (or should know) not to say that too many times or we'll turn it around. All of a sudden we hear that you're agreeing that we ARE FAT. Otherwise, the right answer is "You're crazy - you look thinner than ever - Just put on this dress (so you can't feel how tight your jeans are...)"

This past weekend I made a decision. I decided to stick with my jeans instead of a dress choice for Nicole's dinner party. Every time I felt the difference in the way they fit I let it be a reminder of how strong I am, how much hard work I've put in, and how prepared I am for Regionals this weekend! I also decided, on Monday I would march into CrossFit Central - ask Carey to help me with another body assessment. I had the food log and the training log staring at me with proof that I was fit - strong - and by no means should be feeling badly. But I wanted the numbers.
January: weight 142lbs, body fat 15.3%
Today: weight 148lbs, body fat 14%
That means I lost less than 1/2 lb of fat but added 6 solid pounds of muscle and less than 2" overall.

I spent hours of my time frustrated with tight jeans - short shorts - etc. In reality, I should be celebrating my strength and hard work. Often our heads get the best of us. We forget where we came from - what we are really working toward - how other priorities in our life affect our physical state - that our bodies naturally fluctuate a few pounds with season, etc. For these reasons, I keep a food log and workout journal all the time - even on vacation! I understand that might not work for everyone. However, I encourage you to take a real look at the circumstances and situation before you choose to belittle yourself rather than celebrate what you are and what you have.


  1. Thank you Lisa! This is one for me to read and re-read often:)

  2. Thanks for this post Lisa! Women everywhere can relate and appreciate this. You are STRONG and READY for Regionals. Kill it!

  3. Great post Lisa! This is something all CrossFit women need to read, and like Emily said, reread. You ARE ready for Regionals!!!! Go get it.

  4. I'm so glad you posted this Lisa. It makes a difference hearing it from YOU, a coach, mentor and best of all normal woman:)

    Can't wait to see you tear it up at Regionals!!!!

  5. Thanks! It makes me feel better knowing that you have those thoughts too. As women, it is so hard to get over the "how we look" part and focus more on the "how we feel." I'll get there someday. You look great and are going to kick butt this weekend.

  6. Oh, Lisa. My same thoughts exactly. This is one part that I hate about being a girl! I go through stages of being happy and stages of like you said, "spending hours of time frustrated". It's hard to remember that there are bigger and worse things to worry about in this world than gaining a few pounds.
    Sometimes I even feel worse for our poor husbands because they have to listen to us complain.
    Thank you for posting this and being so relatable. I miss seeing you twice a week!
    Can't wait to watch you and the rest of CrossFit Central kick some butt this weekend!

  7. This is a really good post. All that sounded so familiar!! Good luck this weekend!! I'm sure you'll be awesome!