Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 weeks complete!

Are you feeling as strong - vibrant - RIPPED as this Spartan? If not, it's time to step it up and ask me how I can help you dial it in for the final 4 weeks!

One of my team members had this to report:
I'm totally cranking on the knee push ups (one of her strength goals!) so that part of the 300 benchmark will go smoother. Overall, the challenge is going great! Believe it or not, I'm down 8-9 pounds (?!) and my clothes are already looser. And on top of that - my skin has completely cleared up - no more acne. I'll be damned! (she reduced dairy and gluten from diet).

What kind of results are you having?

I know you're out there....comment :)


  1. I'm keeping up with the workout volume and did my first strict / dead-hang pull-ups this weekend, I also got 4x10 unassisted kipping pull-ups as part of one of the Challenge WOD's. I'm feeling good about my goal of 5 strict pull-ups, so we'll see how the next few weeks go.

  2. well I'm no Spartan but as a Trojan of "the ORIGINAL TEAM AWESOME" (Karen's team) I have lost 15lbs and gone down 2 pant sizes!! Also showing improvement doing pull ups =)