Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dazzling Divas Deput - Garage Gym Throwdown!

The Dazzling Divas and our cheering section!
Dazzling Divas = skirt and sequined tops for the workout of course!

Come on, Jen - can we get a ribbon too??
Tough but strong finish - total time 25:56

This weekend was the first annual Garage Gym Throwdown!  It seriously might have been the best event CrossFit Central (Relentless bootcamps) has ever thrown!  I was supposed to help coach the event but luckily one of Coach Stacey's bootcampers needed a partner and I was honored enough to be recruited! 

Suzette, my partner, started bootcamp with Coach Zach almost a year ago and with his "encouragement" she took on the Relentless Adventure Challenge in February.  It was the first event she committed to since joining CrossFit Central and she dove right it!  Suzette has lost over 40lbs since the challenge in Febraury and gained a world of confidence.  Needless to say she has  ROCK STAR STATUS as far as I am concerned!

The workout for Saturday's event was no joke!  It included 40 tire burpees - 60 sandbag shoulders - 80 swings - 20 wall shots then a "mini WOD" of 3rd 30 tire shoulder press - 30 sandbag sprawls (YUCK YUCK YUCK) and 30 kb front squats - then run uphill to the finish! 

During the event on Saturday, Suzette was excited, eager, and determined!  We were stride for stride as we made our way up and down the LCRA parking garage and finished just 56 short seconds shy of the cut off!

Thank you, Suzette for letting me be your partner!

See all the photos HERE
This is a must see VIDEO of the Garage Gym Throwdown from SICFIT.com
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  1. Oh, wow! I'm all teary eyed now...happy tears! Despite that look of pain, I had a blast and was very honored to have you as my partner. Your amazing! Thanks so much. :)