Friday, July 30, 2010

It feels good to RUN! Mt. Hood here we come!

The CrossFit Games are done - now it's time to relax - right?
Of course NOT - it's "on to the next one"! For me the next one, is the Hood To Coast Relay, August 28th in Portland, Oregon. Carey Kepler and I have joined a team of 10 other women to complete the 197 mile relay from Mt. Hood to the Coast of Oregon. Each member will run between 15-18 miles split into 3 legs of about 6 miles each. When we're not running, 'camping' in a van with our drivers, Joe and Jermey! I did a race similar to this one last March - Texas Independence Relay - and it was AWESOME. I can only imagine how much better this experience is going to be - 12 totally fit gals taking a road trip and running in some of the most beautiful terrain in the USA!

I am a runner at heart and for the last 6 months running has been put on the back burner as I trained for crossfit - Sectionals - Regionals - The CrossFit Games. The week before we left for L.A. I committed to finding a running buddy when we returned! With the help of Stacy from my Jack and Adam's bootcamp and Lindsey Smith, I am happy to say I'm well on my way.

Lindsey - her sweetie daughter and me after a workout!

This week's Hood to Coast Training:

8am: Town Lake loop with Neil

7am: run 5k with Lindsey
5:30pm: Rainbow hill with Stacy and the Jack and Adam's crew

6:30am: track workout with Lindsey - 1/2 the "Ladder" = 4.2 miles

Jack's Generic Triathlon


  1. Wow, Alexis looks so young in that pic! I look forward to hearing about how the Tri went. We on for Tues. am? I will be in NC Wed-Tues of next week... but I promise to stay on track :)

  2. 1: why are you up at 1:42am?
    2: yes, we're on! my legs might be iffy though :)
    3: can't wait to see your photos from the shoot

  3. Lisa - you're going to love this race. I did it in 2000. My best friend and I were the only women on the team, and we had a fantastic time. The first couple of legs are pure downhill, so make sure your quads are adequately trained for consecutive miles of fast downhill running if you're slotted for either of the first two legs. Have so much fun!!!