Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unknown and Unknowable vs Known and Knowable

CrossFit's South Central Regionals are 3 weeks away and it could be easy to get caught in the "self-created pressure" of the competition.

This week I had several reminders from "the universe" that today is just that...TODAY. Your
performance today doesn't define you - your experience today doesn't define you or negate who you are - it's just where you were TODAY and tomorrow will be different...for better or worse!

My goal is to travel to Cali as an individual competitor BUT the truth is I don't know how the Regionals weekend will end up, how I will perform and ultimately how I will place.

But the Known and Knowable is this - I am a different person than I was 1 yr ago

  • I train differently

  • I think differently

  • I physically look different

  • I act "as if"....rather than hoping or wishing

  • I have done the preparation and put in time where time was needed

  • I perform at a higher level

In many ways I've already done what I set out to do! Remember the journey and appreciate the outcome.

Ingrid Kantola, Lindsey Smith, Jen Cardella, Alex Janss, Megan Parsons, Carey Kepler - you probably don't know that this week each of you changed my attitude and influenced me to appreciate TODAY and remember the journey. Thank you.

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