Thursday, June 30, 2011

CrossFit Central CFE Endurance LAUNCH

Pictured are CrossFit Endurance Coach Melisa Rehm and her husband Rick after the Houston Marathon. Melisa is a lifelong endurance athlete. A year and a half ago, Melisa converted to CrossFit Endurance training and gave up over training, logging hours of miles and always being injured. Read her story below.

"In college my coaches would get mad when I did any sort of weight training or any form of exercise other than running. After college I continued to train with a popular running group here in Austin, where I logged 50 miles a week and was always dealing with some sort of injury. Now, training CF Endurance style 3 times a week, I average less than 20 miles a week. I am not injured and focus more on quality NOT quantity of training. With CFE I have been able to maintain my college running performance. My pace has not slowed down like I thought it would by running less and weighing significantly more (muscle, thank you very much) than I did in college. If anything, both the CrossFit WODs and training CF Endurance style has helped me become a stronger, more efficient runner. I can run harder and longer without getting fatigued as fast as I may have by just running or logging lots of miles.

Overall, this way of training only makes sense. I am able to do what I love without constantly getting injured. My workouts are short, intense, and to the point. The benefits of training this way are much greater than going on a long, easy run and more fun, too!!"

Who is CFE Endurance for? Runners, Triathletes, Endurance folks who are ready to join the future of Endurance sports. CrossFitters who like to run and jump into local 5k's or Sprint Tri's. ALL LEVELS

What does a week of CFE Endurance training look like?
This program will provide 3 coached classes plus one CFE homework WOD. 2 days will be CrossFit/Strength based, 1 day will be tempo/hill/CFE style runs, finally you'll have 1 day of CFE homework. You can choose to do the homework on your bike, in the pool, or on your feet!

How do I get started? CFE Endurance Elements starts July 11th and will run weekly. M/W/Th 6:30am-7:30am. Sign up for 1 week of CFE Endurance Elements and you're ready for class! REGISTER HERE

Other questions you may have:
  • Do I have to race to participate in CFE Endurance? NO -our training is year round and not race specific.
  • Can I add CFE Endurance to my Relentless Bootcamp or CrossFit Indoor program? NO - this is a stand alone program - not a supplemental program.
  • I can't do a pull up, can I join? I can only run 400m, can I join? YES - just like all CrossFit workouts, these are scalable and will be accommodating for all levels.
CFE Endurance Elements begin July 11th. Classes begin July 25th. Location: Jack and Adam's Bicycles.
For more on CrossFit Endurance foundation and methodology, pick up the most recent issue of Competitor Magazine and visit

Contact me directly for more information.

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