Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The stars aligned. Cali here WE....I come.

Do I talk about what's to come? Do I just throw out some quick thank you's and "I'm excited" phrases? Do I break down the weekend day by day and workout by workout?
I still don't know what I want to say and the details of every day and every workout only matter because of what I learned from them - from the people - from the experience.

  • I learned that I can do anything with prayer - something I'd given up years earlier.
  • I figured out how to find the fire within when I need it. (Day 2 of Regionals).
  • I fell even more in love with CrossFit as a sport and as a community.
  • I was reminded that you stick to your game plan no matter what - I didn't on "Amanda" and I paid for it.

Lindsey, Carey and I have been working toward this accomplishment for a year. We knew that a CrossFit Central Sweep was possible. But the South Central gals are tough - they are Games veterans - they are competitors! There were times when we all secretly had moments of doubt..... but more about ourselves than each other- than our training partners!

Hard work - Vision (vision boards) - Teamwork - Focus - and Fun made this a reality.

Thank YOU for the support - the emails - the facebook messages - the tweets - the yelling in the hot TomBall sun! I asked for "positive vibes" last weekend and you all did not disappoint. Your support, your energy, your support got me a tick to Cali. I am going to enjoy the journey.


  1. You are such a great athlete to watch! I love how focused, determined and how far you seem to have come in the past year. You are inspiring because you have shown what hard work and focus can do. It's been so awesome seeing results in comps this past year and how you have dominated them, keep it up and good luck at the games!!

  2. I remember you at the L1 at Ft. Hood and thinking all the way back then that "this girl has got a CF fire in her!" Low and behold, Cali is on the horizon. It was fantastic watching you this weekend and well done on all your accomplishments. Keep training, keep praying and best of luck to you at the games. God Bless YOU!

    "I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Ps 139

  3. Congratulations, Lisa! :) You are an inspiration! Keep up the great work and continue being such a role model! :)