Friday, September 23, 2011

Honor: Possession or Gift?

Recently the CrossFit Central crew been talking a lot about Honor! The conversation got me thinking - is Honor something you have, something you give, or both?

My answer: BOTH! Before you can Honor others you have be be able to Honor yourself. Stand by your core values! Live by your mantra! Only then can you give the gift of Honor to those around you. Respect those who came before you and uplift those following in your footsteps.

Remember, Honor isn't just given in prolific - profound gestures! You can Honor those around you with simple acts.

Honor for Crossfitters:
Exercise Honor by jumping to congradulate a client on accomlishing a goal - running over to help a friend in need - side-stepping excuses to "live the code" - and pushing to the front of the crown to lead by example.

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