Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who wants to be a millionaire?

One of the most successful men I've had the pleasure of knowing, Mr. John Henry McDonald, recently shared some of his tips to a select group at CrossFit Central.

Below is a summary of his Top 10 pieces of advice given to him by his mentor before he made his dreams come to reality.

  1. Live within the confines of the day

  2. Say what you do

  3. Do what you say

  4. Be on time - 15 min early is on time - on time is late

  5. Persist (like running water!) and you will win

  6. Make mistakes and you will learn

  7. Don't take yourself too seriously but take others seriously enough

  8. Study your subject

  9. Attire displays respect

  10. You can't out give a giver

Sounds simple right?

Just remember simple does not mean easy!

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