Monday, June 18, 2012

The Same, But Different

sunset photo (see glasses!) from 2012 trip

 Every year since we met, Jeremy and I take a long weekend in San Diego.  We usually go in May and when this May came and went with work projects, baby projects, Jeremy's trip to Fiji for Tony Robbins, etc  - I wasn't sure we'd keep the tradition this year.  But, I have the BEST HUSBAND and this past weekend we enjoyed our 5th annual trip.  Why San Diego?  Well because it's a great city but more importantly because that's where we really fell in love - so we figure not a bad place/time/feeling to revisit - Right? 

The Same:  We always head straight to Old Town for a rita/lunch when we arrive - stay at the same hotel - drop into a workout at Invictus Fitness - visit a breakfast spot called Clayton's on Coronado Island - and visit Balboa sounds like something we'd never do - take the "same" vacation weekend every year!  I would be the first to say LAME if it wasn't so INCREDIBLE.

But Different:  It's the perfect combination of new (not Austin) and familiar (we've been here before) mixed with California sun and San Diego chill that allows us to relax and experience the place in a different light each trip.  It's funny how the same places with the same person can seem so different with 1 yr of perspective and experience between the last visit. 

5 yrs of "the same" but a completely "different" trip every time we go! 

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