Monday, June 4, 2012

"Wow - You really are pregnant"

It seems that I am not the only one who forgets I am pregnant (27 weeks/ 6 1/2 months to be exact)
Below are a few things that my "friends" have starting to laugh at me for doing or should I say not being able to do....  The title is something someone said to me after watching me do one of the following:
  • Put on my shoes gracefully - a fews grunts and a crooked tie (off to the side b/c head on is just too much work)  is more my style these days!
  • Get out of the pool - yep, I am that girl swimming thru the other swimmers' lanes to get to the stairs...I can no longer POP up and out of the side of my swim lane!
  • Move around furniture, people, door frames without hitting something - like I said I "forget" I am pregnant and that my size is no longer the out for the accidental belly bump!
  • Get off the floor and onto my feet - it seems the "roll to one side, push yourself up with your hands and scramble to your feet" is something fun to watch!  I've been doing a lot of floor press and the "get up" is becoming just as much a part of the workout as the press!
  • Make a full day of plans and stick with them - I've hit the point of "I need a nap after an hour of anything"   Sorry in advance if I can't follow thru on my plans with you for the day - I still can't tell when I am gonna get hit with the "sleep now" stick!
Craving/Nutrition Update:  Still no cravings to speak of - The biggest thing I've noticed is that I need  A LOT more water!  I drink between 100-150oz a day and when I don't that is when I "crave" ice cream, fruit, sweets, peanut butter etc.  Keep hydrated and all else stays on track - energy and digestion included!

Workout Update:  The last 3 weeks I can tell the biggest changes/limitations in what I can/want to do!  Getting anything from the ground is just not comfy - so now it's hang positions with bb's, etc.  Any kind of jump is yuck (double unders are actually most comfy b/c the jumps are low).  As my hips/joints get looser and my abs get more stretched - my midwife suggests more pushing than pulling! 
My favorite workouts/moves this week:
  1. Butcher push - pick a distance and GO every min on the min for 10
  2. "Prego Fit Lynne"  - DB Press and Ring Row
  3. 20 min on the Airdyne (most comfy met con move right now) 1 min GO - 1 min EASY
  4. Med ball slams  - 30 sec on/30 sec rest for 10 rounds
  5. Swimming - anything in the watter is great - TX is getting HOT and being weightless is more awesome now than ever before.

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