Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jennifer's Success

My high school friend, Jennifer, has no idea how much she has inspired me!  Above is a picture of Jennifer and her family in Alaska on a recent family vacation.  Here she is almost 25 lbs lighter but most importantly, full of energy to keep up with her daughter on a daily basis and enjoy a 3 mile hike on vacation!  I am so proud of Jennifer and can't wait to see what's next.  

Here is Jennifer's 24 Day Challenge success story - in her own words!

"I began a weight loss journey from 294 lbs 2 years ago. I lost 60 pounds dieting and exercising. My goal was to be healthy enough for pregnancy. 4 months after losing the weight, I got pregnant.
In July 2012 I gave birth two months early to an amazing little girl. The emergency c-section was totally unexpected. My pregnancy was generally uncomplicated and I had only gained 13 lbs during pregnancy. I had a rare condition called HELLP syndrome. The only cure was immediate delivery. I  was devastated. While Rachel's only complications were low birth weight, jaundice, and the need to live/grow  in an isolette, (thank God for his blessings!!!)  I was devastated.
After Rachel was born I fell into "survival mode." We lived in the NICU for a month. I was so emotional and focused on Rachel's survival that I started my bad eating habits again... Fast food, convenience, sugar... You name it. I also didn't exercise. I literally lived in the hospital. When we finally got to take her home, I wasn't allowed to take her out. We were in the middle of flu/rsv season which could be fatal for a preemie. I sat in my recliner for months. I ate junk. In 4 months, I had gained back all of my weight.
Before doing the challenge I felt like I was just getting by. I had good intentions of losing weight and being healthy, but I could never seem to find the time. I always had an excuse, was too tired, or overwhelmed. I felt mentally clouded, emotional, and gross.

I contacted Lisa when I saw her blog. She looks great! I remembered her athletic "drive" from high school. She was a role model for me long before now! When Lisa took the time to introduce me to the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, I was excited and ready to commit. I weighed almost 300 lbs. Under her guidance, I kept a food journal, cut out all sugar, gluten, and most dairy. I stuck to the workouts Lisa modified for me. She created workouts that I can actually do and see results from at my size.
The first few days were tough. However, after about the 3rd day, it all seemed to "click."
I have more energy, I am less bloated, and I am  eating less but feeling full! I am now almost 17 lbs lighter - I have the energy to teach all day, go workout, and then spend valuable time with my family. Like I said before, prior to the challenge this was not the case. We are even taking Rachel to the gym with us and already modeling positive behaviors for her. This makes me so proud!  My husband did the challenge with me. He also felt great and had great results.

The AdvoCare products are not a "quick fix" for me. They're working. I feel so much more mentally clear and focused. I can see changes in my body. I don't feel "gross" because I'm fueling my body with clean, healthy foods and supplements.  I am committed to changing my lifestyle and health so that I can be a good role model for my daughter. I am continuing to take MNS products, spark, and omegaplex. I am starting the catalyst as  well. I want this more than anything. My little girl deserves a healthy mommy.

I am happy to be on this journey. Lisa, you have NO idea how you have changed my life already... Thank you for your commitment to helping others!"

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