Monday, June 29, 2009

Why should you train with a group?

That is me and Carey Kepler, step in step during a run last week. Almost every day, I join the CrossFit Central gals - Carey, Crystal, Megan, Jess, Alex, Nicole, and Heather - for a workout. It's usually in the middle of heat and after a long morning of clients/boot camps/classes. Meeting these ladies helps keep me motivated to show up, give it all I've got that day, and have fun! I am thankful for this group of superstars who have helped push me to the next level of fitness.

Less than 10% of Americans participate in a regular exercise program (20 min, 3x a week) and of the sedentary adults who begin a program, 50% will drop out within 6 months!

How can a group help keep you in that 10% of active individuals?
  • accountability - you're more likely to show up for the workout if someone is waiting for you
  • motivation - the energy of a group will encourage you to push for your personal best
  • variety - the Rolodex of exercises increases when you are working out with other people
  • fun! - working out doesn't seem like work if you get to socialize with your friends too

July programs just started at CrossFit Central. Find your training group today! Choose from indoor classes, boot camps, or personal training.

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