Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CrossFIT and still having FUN! Kelley Delesandri

I've had the pleasure of knowing Kelley for a couple years and the pleasure of coaching her for few months. Read about her CrossFit Central experience and personal transformation:

I've been "crossfitting" with Crossfit Central for almost a year now.However, it wasn't until this summer that I decided to get serious about my training. I finally realized (with the help of Coach Bender) that I wasn't going to see real results unless I actually stuck with the program (ie- no more skipping class, taking "months off", or attempting to zone a few times a week when it was convenient for me). It wasn't that I was super over-weight. I was in the "Smedium" size range, too big for a small and too small for a medium. I just wasn't fit. Didn't look fit. Wasn't in great shape. Just didn't feel that great about overall health and fitness.
I was stuck in a mind-frame that committing myself to a CrossFit Central program would cut in to my "fun time" and my love of eating out. My first love- FOOD AND DRINKS! How could I zone and still eat at my beloved Maudie's? Two blocks of carbs... so that's how much beer? Only 3 almonds?!These were questions running through my head. The first week that Lisa made me food log, I tried extra hard to make mine look good. When we sat down to talk about it she marked it up with a red pen like my 6th grade English teacher. Too many carbs. Not enough protein. Where's your fat?! Yikes! This was when she gave me a "Zone Diet For Dummies" talk and really made me understand what 2 blocks of chicken look like, gave me some meal/snack suggestions, etc. The most important part of the conversation was how to make the Zone Diet realistic for my life without going crazy and binging. This conversation was key to my success this summer. If I'm going to fall off the wagon on the weekends- don't lay around on the couch dwelling on,"How fat those Margaritas made me feel!" Get up, get moving, and get back on the Zone!
The next piece of the puzzle is obvious- the actual working out part. I'm the type that needs to be pushed. Crossfit coaches seem to have a special way of doing this. If it were up to me I'd go for the 10 lb dumbbells every time. Nice and easy. The first time Coach Bender put 15's in my hand I thought this lady is crazy. In fact, that happens pretty much every morning when she gives us the workout. I'm always thinking, "There's no way I can do that.." The cool thing is, I can! Yes, the 15's are hard and yes sometimes I struggle with the workouts, but I always do it and feel like a champ afterward! That's one of my favorite things about Crossfit- the workouts are always intense and a struggle, but I know I'm going to feel great afterward and the Coaches wouldn't push me to do something that they didn't already know I could do.
To sum things up- YES- Crossfit works. I'm stronger, faster, and leaner than I was on June 1st. I'm still a Smedium, but I look better in my Smedium clothes! Nothing is a cooler feeling when you've been working hard to see results and people notice. I love all of the compliments I've received this summer and it pushes me to work harder.

If you think committing to a Crossfit Central program and seeing results means no more going out and having fun, eating good food, and crazy workouts, just come spend a week with me!
Kelley before
Kelley before

CrossFit Kelley!
CrossFit Kelly!

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