Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sprint to FGB and the Main Event, Sept 26th!

SPRINT TO FGB - Boot Camp Bonus!
Goal: Sprint at least 10 miles by September 25th. Starts on August 31st.
1. 100, 200, 300m distances—max rest between runs is 30-60 seconds
2. 400 – 800m distances—max rest between runs is 90 seconds-2 mins
3. The distance can be no longer than 800m at a time
4. Log workouts and times to track progress
Prize: 100% ready for FGB on September 26th, faster times, and bragging rights on the last day of class if you complete the 10 mile sprint.

Show me your log on September 25th and participate in FGB on Saturday, Sept 26th to be entered in to a raffle!

FIGHT GONE BAD : Main Event, Sept 26th
Remember you have three ways to participate in Fight Gone Bad:
1) as an individual
2) as part of a 5 person team
3) as a volunteer
4) sponsor me :) for FGB

Contact Nicole Hughes to help volunteer:

The workout will be scaled for ALL levels! If you are participating in a CrossFit Central program YOU CAN DO THIS! Workout details

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