Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Livestrong Challenge - CrossFit Central Style

This weekend is the annual Livestrong Challenge in Austin! The challenge is Livestrong's signature fundraising event and as Willy (pictured above) put it "it's only our busiest week of the year". Most of the employees in the LAF Boot Camp will be too busy behind the scenes and putting on the show this weekend to actually participate in any of the events. So, Crystal and I brought the Livestrong Challenge (Double C's style of course!) to the class a bit early!
The participants for weekend's events will choose to complete a 5k run, 10mile, 20mile, 45mile, 64mile, OR 90mile bike ride.
In honor of these events, here is what the LAF crew today chose* the following workout:
5 paint brushes
run lap
10 DB push press
run lap
20 table tops
run lap
45 sprawls
run lap
65 overhead squats (team effort)
run lap
90 DB swings (team effort)
run lap

*I had 12 exercises for them to pull from a bag at random and the workout above reflects the movements pulled for the bag of choices

Congratulations to everyone who completed this challenge today and GOOD LUCK to everyone participating in the Livestrong Challenge this weekend.

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