Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shake Your Tail Feather - Boot camp Challenge!

Are you in?

October 26th - November 20th, 2009
Details of Challenge-
First week of November programs perform the following benchmark workout for time:
50 situps
40 PVC pipe shoulder press
30 squat jumps
20 sprawls
10 pushups
20 sprawls
30 squat jumps
40 PVC pipe shoulder press
50 situps-
The benchmark workout will be performed again on Nov. 19th or 20th to measure improvement-
Winner is the individual who improved their time the most on the benchmark WOD and food journaled consistently each day. There will be a winner within each boot camp and an overall winner. Each winner will be featured with a brief write-up of their journey during the Challenge on the Relentless site. Winner will also receive a free 1-on-1 personal training session with their coach.
Shake Your Tail Feather REQUIREMENTS:-
  • 3 day a week boot camper required to workout 1 more day per week-
  • 2 day a week boot camper required to workout 2 more more days per week--- get WODs from Relentless site-
  • Submit a Paleo-friendly or Zone-friendly holiday recipe and these will be featured on the Relentless website for cooking ideas. These can be snacks and/or meals. -
  • Attend a Nutrition seminar if you have never attended one prior-
  • Food journaling- either have boot camp coach or boot camp friend look over your food log weekly for accountability-
  • Participate in benchmark workout

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