Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breakin' Records Daily!!

This is the 5:30AM crew at CrossFit Central @ RunTex. They are a hard working, motivated, workout log carrying, crew! This class has continued to step up their game and many have seen vast improvements since they started the CrossFit journey!
This morning was not different for this crew - up early - ready to attack the WOD - and continuing to break records.
"Congratulations" to Mike who got his first consecutive kipping pull ups!
"Keep up the good work!" - to Wesley who completed his first unscaled CrossFit WOD!
"Thank you" to Melisa who wore her BAD ASS socks to class this am just to remind us all how great you're doing.
You guys make that 5am hour not just bearable but FUN!

December programs start next week - if you want to join this group of "fire breathers" SIGN UP today!

1 comment:

  1. There was good energy this morning! It was a fun, yet challenging workout. It was great to witness Mike's un-assisted pull-ups!
    Thanks to you and Travis for being the best coaches ever :)