Sunday, November 15, 2009

CFE Workout: "First Principles of Running"

Saturday morning's CFE group! VIEW ALL THE PHOTOS

Remember when you use to get yelled at to 'slow down' or 'stop running' ? Now most of us cringe when Big Mike puts a 400m run in the WOD and often express how much we 'hate to run'.

My goal at Saturday morning's CFE Workout was to take you all back to the First Principles of running - to reteach you to run like you did when you were a child before you 'hated' running and before modern shoe technology changed your run gait.
Simply put, the First Principles of Running include: smille and have fun, lean/fall into your run, pull your foot off the ground quickly to get ready for your next step!
Cami is practicing the lean and fall - landing on the forefoot instead of her heel.
Practicing the PULL -use your hamstring to pull your foot off the ground quickly!
After the drills we took off for a few 100m sprints - I caught quite a few folks with GREAT form!
Congratulations to all the quick learners! Now it's time to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
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