Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Multi-tasking Myth!

This morning in class, Angie and I were talking about an email that I sent her and she simply stated - "I haven't opened that yet. I don't open any emails unless I can address (take care of) them." WOW, what a novel idea. Doing one thing at a time and completing each task.

Just last night I was laughing at myself and my constant state of BUSY - The bottom line is that I need to STOP trying to multitask -and START prioritizing!
What good is a half empty dishwasher - a bed with one sheet on it - a partially packed lunch bag as I step out the door for my run??....MADDNESS! I find myself doing the same thing every time I get on this computer to 'get things done' - too many emails started, too many websites open, too little FOCUS!

In fact, more and more research shows that multitasking is a farce. Check out this article.
It becomes especially more difficult as the tasks become more complex. I am going to take Angie's advice and for one week my goal is to open an email only if I can answer it - empty the dishwasher completely - etc.

Do you have any tricks that help you organize/prioritze your day? I would love your secrets!


  1. I'm glad to see more people realizing multi-tasking is a joke....i've been telling my wife this for years.

  2. very, very interesting. I used to pride myself on my ability to multi-task!
    It's kind of like that saying, "If you try to do everything, you wind up being average at a lot of things and excellent at nothing."

  3. Have you read Getting Things Done, Lisa? It's by David Allen. I think its approach is similar to what you find appealing in the not-multi-tasking approach.

  4. It doesn't always work! The whole don't open until you are ready to complete it at once.