Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Holiday Gift from a Relentless bootcamper:

this message....

"Just to let you know… thanks to feeling great about myself I was confident enough to present the biggest loan I have ever done and got it approved. It’s weird that being in better shape changes everything !"
COMMENT on how CrossFit or fitness in general has improved your life !

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  1. hmmm...not sure exactly how we are supposed to comment on this, but if you are referring to "gifts" from crossfit, I would have to agree with the confidence factor. Here are some others I thought of:
    -Lisa pushing/making me put more weight on the bar when I wouldn't ever do it myself..Thanks!
    -When I flex and suck in my stomach just the right way, I can see abs just waiting to break day!
    -Doing Crossfit allows me to see my friends more than I probably normally would, and working out with them makes the workouts that much better!
    -Going back to the confidence things: although I haven't seen a huge difference in my measurements and body fat I complain A LOT less about my body than I used to.
    -I used to think that no other workout compared to going for a long run, but sometimes I would rather do a grueling Crossfit workout than run 10 miles.

    Thanks, Lisa for being a GREAT coach!