Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kristen's wedding transformation!

Showin' a little leg - and look at those arms!

Kristen and I starting personal training in exactly 2 months before her 'big day'. Her goal was to tone up to look her best for her wedding day.

In just 60 days look at what Kristen accomplished:
Kristen committed to meeting 2x a week, food logging, and squeezing in 1 workout on her own.
  • lost 4% body fat!
  • lost almost 4 inches in waist and hips
  • dramatic improvement in posture and poise
  • increased energy to push thru the wedding 'to do' list

"Thank you once again for helping me train for the big day! I had a great time. Not only did we make some progress in inches, overall tone and body fat, but the 2x a week sessions were crucial in helping to keep my stress level manageable! After each workout, I felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever wedding planning task was at hand. My overall posture and confidence raised a few notches as well. Thanks Lisa!"

Look at that back!!

What do you need to prepare for? Life? A wedding? The new year? Are you ready to see the same dramatic results that Kristen saw? Contact me to get started!

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