Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday Update - Confessions of a CrossFit Coach

My I Am CrossFit week 1 at a glance:

I felt stronger than ever on my weekly WODs. Jeremy hid the almonds/almond butter from me so Goal #2 (see yesterday's post) was easy! I food logged like a champ.....and then.......I struggled thru the most painful 3.5 mile run (maybe ever) on Sunday. I hit a wall!

What? Why? Oh yeah, I enjoyed birthday celebrations on Friday AND Saturday. I didn't get 'that much' sleep towards the end of the week and the timing of my food Friday/Saturday was "off".

I am not discouraged - I am recovered - I am focused - I am reminded that the additional workouts are just part of the I Am CrossFit challenge. Rest, recovery, and nutrition are all part of the equation. In fact, I believe nutrition is 90% of what you will see, feel, and experience over the next 7 weeks.

It's Monday and I am back on track.
Check out Coach Mike's reminder to us all.
Also, see your teammate, Mel's recap of the week!

My Team with Coach Mike and Coach Crystal's team at Saturday's skill Workshop! Great job everyone.

Team 4, tell me about the I Am CrossFit extra WODS you did and how things went during your first week.


  1. Hello everybody:)
    I am so stoked for week 2! I did the Intermediate 2 mile endurance wrkout(just under 16 min) and the Elite lunges/situps wkout(8:56), both were harder than I would've like them to be. I gotta keep dialin in on nutrition,recovery,and rest as well. I gotta keep finding creative ways to fuel the flame and keep my body revved and ready for transformation! Thank you for continuously inspiring us Lisa!
    Look forward to seen everybody again soon!
    Go team 4 and every one else,

  2. Week one went better than I could've imagined. The adjustment to paleo is happening much more easily than I anticipated (though I'm still weaning myself off diet Coke--down to two a day, and by the end of this week, zero, I promise). I also did SIX CrossFit workouts and two runs. Here's what I did for my extra CF workouts this week:

    - Lunges/sit-ups (elite): 10:29
    - DB thrusters/burpees (10lbs): 6:45
    - Saturday skills workshop and WOD

    I would also like to thank Melisa for posting her version of the paleo apple muffins. I cannot stop talking (and thinking) about these things, they are THAT good!

  3. I'm glad you like the muffins Kris! Although, Lisa just told me I can only have them once or twice a week :(...not 3x a day..haha.
    My thoughts from the first week are posted on my blog.
    Let me just say though, that all of those workouts look SO much easier on paper, until you do them...WOW!
    Feels good...GOOOOOOOOO team 4!

  4. UGH! Yesterday I found out a handful of nuts is no longer an option for my 2 snacks a day and after dinner treat. Today I find out I have to limit my second favorite new-found paleo food...those apple muffins. Rough week.

    My paleo disappointments aside, it's actually been a pretty smooth transition into the challenge lifestyle. I got two of the extra workouts in: I did the 40 yd dash / 15 OH Squats / 10 backwards burpees. I did about 8 rounds. I say 'about' because I accidentally stopped my watch during all the wrist-bending action involved in the workout. I also did the EPOC Workout...gasp, pant, ouch (8:48 @ 35#).

    I also made it out to the extra Saturday workshop and WOD. It's good to see (and suffer with) the other challengers. It really is nice to know they're out there having the same issues and the group workout gave us a chance to share tips on how to get through.

  5. Week one went very well! Looking back at my food log I'm actually surprised to see I maintained a 95/5% Paleo diet. Which is much better than my goal of 80/20%. It's really not that hard to maintain a Paleo diet...although I must admit I was a little sad to learn my three fruits a day habit had to be reduced. Oh well...

    My extra CF WODs:
    - walking lunge / sit-ups (elite): 14:58
    - 40 yard dash / 15 over head squats / 10 reverse burpees: 5 rounds
    - extra Saturday workshop WOD

    I'm excited for week two, perpetually having sore shoulders and Lisa's review of our food logs! Oh, and it looks like I'll have to check out Melisa's recipe for Paleo apple muffins...

  6. Just out of curiosity...why are you limiting your nut intake?

  7. I often feel sluggish or have 'nut-gut' because I rely too heavily on nuts/nut butter for my fat source. It's easy - they travel well - and they are tastey. I think I need more protein instead. I was averaging 80-100 fat blocks and most of them from nuts - I am cutting to about 40-50 fat blocks and trying to add protein. I want to see how I feel (tired, hungry, great), how I perform (PR, slow, sore) and how I look (muscle mass, body comp, weight change, etc).

  8. Hello Team !
    # of rds for week 2, wkout 1: 3 shoulder press(15lbs),6 broad jumps,9 supermans/AMRAP in 12 minutes - 24 rds...
    Go Team 4 and every one else!
    - Em