Thursday, February 11, 2010

What we did before 6:15am....

....on this rainy, cold, Thursday morning! This is how my 5:30am class at CrossFit Central RunTex got their day started. Today's WOD included:

Pull-ups: Go Melisa - no band and bloody hands :)

Box Jumps: Brent choose the TALL box!

DB Snatch: Lysle's flawless form - congrats!

What were you doing at 5:30am? These folks are dedicated!


  1. Go Melisa,Karen, Nick, Jonathan, Bret,Mike,Pam, and Lysle! I loved watchin ya'll get after it this mornin':) ..And I think I saw Lysle take off on a run in the pourin' rain right after this WOD. Have mercy! These guys got dedication in spades!

  2. The energy and intensity in the class was awesome this morning! Great job, everyone!