Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes, This stuff counts!!

Some of my favorite things.....The bulk isle at Whole Foods and 'just a handful' of SUGAR :)

Margarita's, Mexican Martini's and all the goodies at the coffee bar.....

You may have heard someone joke that food eaten standing up didn't count. I knew better then. I just hated to admit it. Your body counts everything: food eaten standing up, food eaten from a spoon, and food you sneak off someone else's plate. All the nibbles you take during the day - the mini-chocolate piece you took from so and so's office candy bowl - the cream, sugar, flavoring you put in the coffee this am - the 'just one' drink you have every night with dinner. Are any of these things keeping you from your nutrition/fitness goals?

Above are some of the items I am approaching with caution during I Am CrossFit. I challenge you to take a look at your 'nibbles' and see what might be sabotaging your nutrition plan.


  1. Hello Team 4:

    Week three was great; I did six WOD's and kept to my 80/20 paleo diet.

    Regarding the question above, sweets (cookies, choco cake, etc) are what keeps me from my ultimate nutrition goals. I can easily do w/o the soda, alcohol, etc and can maintain the paleo diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner...but I can't seem to shake those sweet tooth cravings. Sure they go away with time, but I know I can never give them up 100% (while I'm 100% sure I can give up pastas, oatmeal, soda, etc.).

    As for week three WOD’s, since I was in the Marines for four years I decided to forgo the suggested military WOD's and did the below:

    Mon - CF Class WOD

    Tues - 3 rounds of 400m run / 15 pullups / 7 burpees (I crafted this WOD on my own to work on my pullups – it closely resembles the I AM benchmark WOD)

    Wed - CF Class WOD

    Thurs - 100 DB Snatches in 14:31 @ 20lbs

    Fri - CF Class WOD

    Sat - Free RunTex WOD

    Also, in this past Thursday's CF Class WOD I did three rounds of 12 straight pullups. And then after the WOD I tried for 15 straight and got them. I’ve never been able to do more than 10 straight pullups!!! I'm getting closer to my goal of completing 20 straight pullups.

    Let’s go week/team 4!!!

  2. Joey - check out to get some WOD ideas.

  3. Week three was the tough one for me.

    Like Joey and Lisa, I too am hitting the cravings wall. I've resisted so far, but I know all it would take is one bag of peanut M&Ms to send me into Paleo-Purgatory.

    I had a rocky start with the week's extra workouts. I misunderstood the EPOC workout and did 100 DB snatches per arm. I thought 38 minutes was a little long for a Crossfit workout, but then I've never been accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer. And, as luck would have it, the WOD the following day consisted of 90 medicine ball cleans. ouch!

    I also did the 8x hill runs. I averaged about 1 minute per hill. Fortunately, the hill I chose was across the street from a homeless shelter that had not yet opened its doors for the day so I had an audience that kept telling me to run faster.

    Just for grins I did the Marine PT Test before going to the movies (no popcorn). I did 25 pullups, 98 crunches and 23:40 on the run. That one felt great!

    I can't get over our team's perfect score 3 weeks in! It really helps to know that everyone else is out there trying so hard. Y'all are the ones keeping my sweet tooth in check and getting me out there on these cold mornings. Thank you all! Keep up the good work.

  4. Those are MY favorite things...goodies from the WF bulk section, margaritas and delicious coffees. Dam you were talking straight to me. I'm trying ok ;-)

  5. Yup! You were pretty much talking to me, as well. I LOVE to sneak a few of those choco covered pretzels from the bulk section!

    Joey- I don't want to get you in trouble with Lisa..but what I do to satisfy my "sweet" craving every once in a while is mix 1/2 c. unsweetened applesauce, 1 1/2 tsp. almond butter, and 1/2 tsp. of organic unsweetened cocoa...microwave it and YUM! My husband always gives me a disgusted look when I eat it, but it satisfies my craving without binging on cookies.

  6. My sweet tooth is putting up a valiant fight, too, and it ran roughshod over me in week 3. To wit: THREE sugar cookies at a baby shower (with glittery blue sprinkles on top--shiny!), free samples of gluten-free peanut butter cookies at WF, and plenty of sugary chewing gum. I've decided it's best to compromise with my sweet tooth rather than face another smack down.

    Compromise #1 and the week's best discovery: maple and coconut roasted almonds. They're $10.99/lb. at WF, but you can make them at home much cheaper. Here's how: dump a bunch of whole raw almonds in a bowl, drizzle just enough pure maple syrup over them to coat (about 1/8 C), add some unsweetened shredded coconut, stir, pour onto a cookie sheet or Pyrex dish, roast at 300 in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes, eat. The maple syrup adds just enough sweet to kill the sugar craving.

    (Also, apple slices generously covered in cinnamon seem to do the trick.)

    Compromise #2 and I'm not proud of it: I caved and decided to add Splenda to my (decaf, green) iced tea. It's either that, or shove a bunch of food down my throat, pointlessly trying to kill the sweets craving. It's not sugar, but it's not Paleo, either. Hey, sometimes you have to choose your battles.

    Workout-wise, I did the usual MWF CF workouts, plus the DB snatches. Apparently Jeff and I are the morons on Team 4, since we BOTH did 100 reps on each side (and, yeah, we did this independently of one another--explains why we're married). I also opted for a hilly six-mile run at sub-8:30 pace--which is fast for me these days...*sigh*--instead of the 8x hill repeats. Lastly, like Joey, I broke a pull-up barrier in week 3: I've gone from the green band to the red (skipped blue all together), and I'm about this far from moving to purple. Woohoo!

    Week 4 is off to a wobbly start, thanks to demands at work, but, hey, every day is a chance to start over, right?

  7. Hey everybody! Congratulations on your pullups Kris!!:)...
    WODS for week 3=
    MWF boot camp w/Lis
    T/TH indoor w/Jess
    Sat Free CC wkout
    Sat free KB wkout
    Sat Wkout 1 for Week 4(50 lunges/400m run/50 pushups/400m/50 dips/400m/50 squats/400 m run)
    I will do the snatch wkout, hill repeats, and army pt test this week to catch up:)
    Almond Butter and Dark Chocolate, handfuls of this and that, a peice of fruit here and there! Aaaahhh! You got me on this one as well. I am a natural born grazer and have had to check myself double time this week because the cravings are kickin in like crazy. The Office I work in always has dark chocolate in the candy drawer. Apples and almond butter are my favorite snack in the whole world and i gave into it many times this past week, not to mention one too many alcoholic beverage this past saturday night..Yikes! So this week, i am going to keep my hands out of the dark chocolate as though my life depended on it, and save the drinks for 24 Diner:) I'm gettin back on track team.
    Go Team 4 and everyone else!

  8. This is awesome! Keep up the good work and isn't it great to know we're all fighting thru the same thing! Power in numbers.