Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Elite Eight!

Melisa, Pam, Karen, me, Mike after their WOD today. Two questions:
  1. Where did you get those sports bras? (jealous!!!)
  2. How did Mike get sucked into this?

Today was the I AM CROSSFIT finale! We started the challenge 8 weeks ago today. The participants were required to do 2-3 workouts in addition to CrossFit Central classes, food log everyday and transition eating habits to a Zone/Paleo style diet.

Each participant set goals that included PERFORMANCE, BODY COMPOSITION, and LIFESTYLE/MENTAL changes to be accomplished during the challenge.

I was astounded by the happy, healthy, crossFIT, crew that showed up to complete the final I AM CROSSFIT workout this morning.

Each of my team members successfully reached ALL of their performance goals and look at the body composition results below!

  1. Melisa Rehm lost 4.5% body fat, dropped 6 lbs, and is 4 inches smaller.

  2. Jen Nieman lost 6.2% body fat, dropped 8.6 lbs, and is 6 inches smaller.

  3. Pam Stickler lost 3.3% body fat, dropped 6 lbs, and gained 2.5 inches in her arms/shoulders.

  4. Emily Baker lost 7.4% body fat, dropped 9.6 lbs, and is 13.25 inches smaller.

  5. Joey Rachid lost 7.5% body fat, dropped 11 lbs, and is 2 inches leaner in his waist.

  6. Mike Shorter lost 5.3% body fat, dropped 4.6 lbs, and is 1 inch leaner in his waist.

  7. Kris Morgan lost 4% body fat, dropped 2 lbs, and gained 2 inches in her arms/shoulders.

  8. Jeff Morgan lost 9% body fat, dropped 15 lbs, and is 2 inches leaner in his waist.

I am so proud of each and every one of you! Thank you for letting me be a part of your success over the past 8 weeks.

Stay tuned for the final results regarding performance improvements on today's WOD and the overall winners!

Go CELEBRATE your success!


  1. Woohoo Team 4 - I am amazed by the results and everyone's hard work.
    I have officially eaten like crap since the workout on Saturday. I've had my share of celebration/cheat meals and am looking forward to not feeling the way I do now; which is sugar/carb bueno!

  2. get off the crack! keep your food logs around - ANCHOR how GREAT you felt over the last 8 weeks and KEEP IT GOING!