Friday, March 5, 2010

What is CrossFit getting you ready for?

Why do you CrossFit?
Many of us use CrossFit not just as our fitness program but to make us better at something else - we use CrossFit to enable us to enjoy life outside of our time together in class!
Gina and Stephen from Jack and Adam's Relentless Boot camp are using CrossFit to conquer the Pedal thru the Pines this weekend.

Stacey, Lindsay (not in the photo), and I are relying on the speed and agility gained thru CrossFit to dominate our Dodgeball Tournament this weekend.
This weekend there are 14 different 5k - Half Marathons happening in the Austin area, at least 2 bike rides, the Kite Festival, the Cowboy breakfast......There is always something to do in this town.
So, tell me why do you CrossFit?
To eat biscuits and gravy at the Cowboy Breakfast?
To shave minutes off your 5k?
To train less and still enjoy the many triathlons Austin hosts?
To chase your 4 yr old around Zilker Park?
I want to know what YOU'RE empowered to do!


  1. I crossfit to accomplish whatever it is that I'm called to do...and it helps when chasing a 4 yr old and 2 yr old all day! ;)

  2. I crossfit to be a stronger woman in the world, to have the capacity to seize and conquer challenges,dismiss doubts,reach out,and create movement in my everyday life/goals/dreams. I crossfit so that I can empower others by empowering myself. I crossfit so that I can be strong for my grandfather, who is at a weak state right now. The few times that he has fallen on my watch I was able to support his full body weight and stand him back up again. He has been my best friend, the voice of wisdom, love, and guidance all of my life and always will be.
    I crossfit so that I can kick my brother's ass in a game of 1 on 1 basketball. Last time he came into town I clobbered him, 20 to 12, took it straight to the hole everytime!!:)