Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Primal Eating, Modern Table - PROGRAM LAUNCH!

If you even hestitated in to answer this question - I strongly encourage you look into CrossFit Central's very own, Crystal Nelson's new project.

About the program in Crystal's words:
I am excited to announce a NEW Online Nutrition Program called Primal Eating, Modern Table that Lauren Sheehan and I have created to help you make the transition to eating primal with as much support as possible. Food isn't just for fuel, and it isn't just for fun. It's the key to your ultimate happiness.

Primal eating is a sustainable, whole, and natural way of eating. Our bodies were designed and evolved to flourish in the environment of our hunter gatherer ancestors. In human's quest to make things "easier" and "more efficient" we lost touch with the perfect simplicity of our roots. We believe that if we can eat the way our hunter gatherer ancestors ate (while adapting it to our modern lifestyles), our bodies can function at their highest potential, eliminate risk for disease and create the space for personal growth. Not only do we beleive this, we have experienced the power of primal food in our own lives and our clients lives.
Primal Eating, Modern Table is an eight week online nutritional journey where each person learns to experience food as nature intended. Our mission is to empower you to not just know, but to experience that food is the root, the support, and the essential element to reaching your highest potential. We teach you how to eat foods that your body is designed to eat and how to make it work for you and your whole family.

This will change your life!! The best part about this program is that it can reach anyone, anywhere. Please pass on the word. Sometimes, it's hard to influence others when you aren't near them to help with a transition to a healthier life. This is a way to do it!

For more information, email me or check out our website at Primal Eating, Modern Table.

Thank you,
Crystal Nelson