Sunday, March 14, 2010

You can run but you CANNOT hide!

This weekend CrossFit Central hosted the South Central Texas Sectionals (yeah, say that 3 times fast) at Camp Mabry. This is the kickoff event that leads us to the 2010 CrossFit Games in July! The event was a huge success - over 200 athletes - 400ish spectators - AWESOME weather - and flawless logistics.

It's no secret that I love CrossFit - one of the reasons is because CrossFit is a little bit of everything. To be successful you can't be a specialist you have to be well-rounded!
It's been said time and again, it's not IF CrossFit will expose your weakness it's WHEN.....

I have to be honest, I didn't take the sectionals that seriously - I thought I could 'at least' qualify with my current fitness level and then really start to focus in April for Regionals at the end of May. There were 65 women competing and I had to be top 30 to move on.

So how did my weekend pan out?

WOD 1 (Saturday, 9am) "Dead Man's Row"
In 12 minutes, complete:
2K Row + Max Reps Deadlift (185lbs)

This one looked good to me -Row 2k then we had 10 seconds to move to the deadlift bar and do as many as possible without dropping the bar. I went in with a plan to pull easy and steady the first 1000m, pick it up for 500m, finish with an easy 500m to rest for the deadlifts. I was chill on the row, looking at the crowd - just focused - felt great. The bar felt light - I had hoped for 10 reps and at 20 I looked around saw no one else was on the bar and didn't fight for another rep.
Success - 1st place overall.

WOD 2 (Saturday, 1pm) "Mabry Medley"
3 Rounds of (12 min cap):
2 Handstand Push-ups
6 Barbell Ground-to-Overhead (95lbs)
10 Burpees

YIKES - I guess I don't have time on my hands - I've been running from HSPU forever and just started to focus on going up-side-down in Dec, remember this! I didn't expect to see HSPU in the sectionals and for 3 days all I did was practice, dream, focus on HSPU. I was successful in about 70% of my attempts before Saturday and felt that in the rush of competition I could make it happen. Nope..... - I was exposed! I did one round in 1min and 15 seconds and spent the other 10min and 45 seconds attempting to get another successful HSPU. It was a surreal feeling - I wasn't mad - I wasn't frustrated - I wasn't even embarrassed. I wasn't surprised - it was my fault. I just don't know my body up-side-down enough to make it happen. It almost happened about 5-6 more times but almost doesn't count. I did manage to have fun with my judge, Ben, and got lots of advice from Jeremy, Carey, Heather, JDP, and Crystal....sorry, I couldn't push one more out for you guys. The scoring was complicated but the bottom line is that I got 35th in the event and a blow to my pride.

WOD 3 (Sunday, 9am) "On To The Next"
For time (25 min cap):
15 Thrusters (5lbs)
Run 100 feet
50 One-Arm Kettlebell Snatches (16kg)
Run 100 feet
100 Double Unders (in grass)
Run 100 feet back to kettlebell station
50 Kettlebell Swings (16kg)
Farmer Walk with kettlebell 100 feet, back to barbell station
15 Barbell Snatch (65lbs)
I was looking forward to this one - this is my kinda of event. I was motivated to CRUSH IT after the turn out on WOD 2. Focused and ready - but as to be expected a couple of kinks were thrown into my plan on Sunday morning. The scoring system again changed and I found out that no matter what the highest I could place was 22nd - no matter what the points said, I was behind all 21 girls who finished both WODS on Saturday. Fair?- yes- but also not the original understanding! Also, I was prepared to go in Wave 1, as I did Saturday but for the sake of the spectators (and a little motivation for the athletes) the top 25 women and 25 men were to go in the last waves of the day. That meant 3 plus hours of adrenaline coursing thru my body before I got out there. When the time came I was ready! I kept telling myself - "just go do what you do" - "this is my race" (that's for you Neil!) and it was a BLAST.
I finished in 10min and 16seconds. That earned 1st place in the event and the fastest time of the day.

I am headed to regionals with a new found respect for gymnastics skills and the burning desire to perform in all CrossFit arenas come May! Overall, it was a great experience - I haven't been able to compete in an environment like that since high school and it made me feel alive!
I can honestly say that without the support of the entire CrossFit Central crew the experience and my fitness would not be close to the same. A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to support and a huge message of GRATITUDE to my girls that make this weekend truly awesome: Jess, Jen, Megan, Crystal N, Emily, Karen, Lyssa, Veronica, Heather, and Alex (shoot I hope I didn't miss anyone!!).

Now, it's ON TO THE NEXT ONE! I will be ready.


  1. Congrats, Lisa, you crushed it yesterday and just did an amazing job, period! It was such an inspiration watching all of you push so hard and leave nothing on the field. Now, go work on your HSPU's and kick some ass at regionals! :)

  2. Lisa, you inspire me and I KNOW you are going to Aromas this year as an individual competitor. I will be checking in on you to make sure you are working on your gymnastics. WHEN you nail that, there is nothing stopping you. Forget being the pacer... be the "lead horse"!!

  3. PS-- Congratulations on an awesome weekend!

  4. Congrats on an amazing weekend, Lisa! You're an inspiration on and off the field.

  5. You're the best of the best!! I was so grateful to get to watch you crush it this weekend!! You inspire me more than you know:)

  6. Congrats on an amazing weekend! Your class, humility, strength and beauty inside and out don't go unnoticed. You are powerful beyond measure! I have no doubt you will be an individual competitor in Aromas! People better watch out.