Monday, May 17, 2010

Dedicated or Dorky?

The CrossFit Invictus crew in San Diego

This weekend Jeremy and I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend in San Diego, CA. To some our vacation would have seemed a little too tame. We went to Old Town, visited Balboa Park, ate in the Gas Lamp District, went Sea Kayaking....however, we also did a WOD at CrossFit Coronado and CrossFit Invictus, rented a mini-frig and went grocery shopping at Bayside Market (think local Whole Foods). Even on vacation it's worth it to stay on track and continue to feel great and eat clean. Check out the foods we packed our hotel room and mini-fridge with this weekend.

Do you ever find yourself eating differently than those around you? Do you have to explain yourself for refusing bread before your fish and veggies? What do you say when people ask you about your diet?

Check out the Paleo Pitch from Whole9. Take notes and let me know if you have a quick and easy way to "defend" your food choices!

I eat “real” food – fresh, natural food like meat, vegetables and fruit. I choose foods that are nutrient dense, with lots of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, over foods that have more calories but less nutrition. And food quality is important – I’m careful about where my meat comes from, and buy produce locally and organically as often as possible.
It’s not a low calorie “diet” – I eat as much as I need to maintain strength, energy and a healthy weight. In fact, my diet is probably much higher in fat than you’d imagine. Fat isn’t the enemy – it’s a great energy source when it comes from high quality foods like avocado, coconut and nuts. And I’m not trying to do a “low carb” thing, but since I’m eating vegetables and fruits instead of bread, cereal and pasta, it just happens to work out that way.
Eating like this is good for maintaining a healthy metabolism, and reducing inflammation within the body. It’s been doing great things for my energy levels, body composition and performance in the gym. It also helps to minimize my risk for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions, like diabetes, heart attack and stroke

Thanks to the CrossFit Coronado crew for letting us join them for the 5pm Thursday WOD

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  1. I'll sometimes get a little grief from my friends about being a picky eater. I explain Paleo to them and some will roll their eyes and, between tortilla chips loaded with queso, they'll tell me about how they spent an hour on the eliptical that morning and that they've started running (again).

    Most of my friends have seen the results so I get alot less of that now. Now, when we go to a restaurant they ask me, "What would a caveman order off this menu?". I smile and tell them... and then I order it.

    But renting a Paleo-fridge on vacation!? That's hard core, coach! 3-2-1 GO!