Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 1 - complete!

We're 1 week into our Spartan Challenge and it seems that my team has been up to A LOT!

Cameron stayed dedicated to his goals on his trip to Guatemala!
Emily conquered a Saturday morning 'long run' with her Rogue friends in addition to her CrossFit classes this week!
Ryan and his brother participated in the Muddy Buddy and earned a 5th place finish!! WOW - it must be the CrossFit kickin' in.
Kris found ways to stay healthy and fit despite travel for work and a hectic schedule.
Lisa (yes, me) rented a fridge in San Diego and got strange looks in the airport as I made hummus/salmon sandwiches using romaine as the 'bread'.

Mike and Connie joined the CrossFit Central crew for a Spartan Skill Workshop. See what Connie had to say about the clinic below:

I loved the skills clinic. The movements at all the stations, Kettlebell, HSPU, Pull Up, and Rings required a lot of focus. All the coaches were generous in providing detailed info on how to improve our technique. It reminded me of the Vince Lombardi quote - Practice doesn't make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect.

The KB snatch revealed a weakness and lack of coordination in my left arm. It was hilarious. That arm has a miind of it's own!!

Didn't know there were so many variations on the pull-up. I was able to do 4 "mountain climber" pull ups with the rope. Got a lot of pointers on how to do unbroken pull-ups with a kip and practice releasing the death grip I've been using to hold the bar!

The HSPU station was very interesting. Walking up the wall from plank, moving laterally across the wall and ending in the plank position with feet on the wall was challenging but I managed to do it! I've been using the rack to do assisted HSPU's but John had me practice getting the "negative".

Personally, I loved the rings and the muscle up clinic. It takes a lot of control to do the push-ups on the rings, but I managed to do a set. Got the beginning part of the muscle up but could not get into the locked elbow position from the dip. I'm going to continue practicing that.

Many thanks for providing this clinic. I enjoyed it and found it very helpful! - Connie

See more photos from the workshop HERE.

Tell me more about week 1 as a Spartan.


  1. You probably got strange looks cause of the way your salmon smelled!! One time I busted out a tuna packet on the airplane and Rick was so embarrased! :) Gotta do what you gotta do!

  2. Lisa , thanks for your comments on my food log.You're right Lisa I am not drinking enough water. I think that's why my run around Town Lake suffered and I felt fatigued all day long. More water, all the time. I'm carrying a bottle with me everywhere I go. I'm trying to eat more veggies and less almond butter. I'm pushing hard so I've added the Post Workout Recovery Shake to my meal plan. Also, I've decided to go to the CFE track workout on Wed. at 6pm. That will help my POSE running and I really need to learn how to pace myself. Thanks again!