Friday, May 21, 2010

Free CFE Workouts gain momentum!

Congratulations to everyone who joined Eric for this week's CrossFit Endurance workout!

Every Wednesday at 6:15am and 6:15pm CrossFit Central hosts a COMPLIMENTARY CFE track workout at O'Henry Middle School.

Who is this workout suited for?

  • an experienced runner who wants a great track workout
  • a novice runner who just wants to add 'a bit' of running to his/her routine
  • any CrossFit Central member who loves to run
  • any CrossFit Central member who doesn't like to run and wants to make running more fun

Running and CrossFit go hand in hand. Check out the comment below from a long time runner and blossoming Crossfitter!

I wanted to let you know, --and this is a nice little compliment for CrossFit in general--that I did my Rogue workout last night (5 x mile repeats, with the Wilke hill at the end of each rep--good stuff), and, after the workout, which I'd done wearing a jog bra and shorts, one of the guys in my running group asked if I'd been doing a lot of core work. I asked him why he asked, and he pointed out that I was pretty cut, particularly my abs. I told him that I hadn't been focusing on core in particular, I'd "just" been doing CrossFit. I guess, I didn't realize that even though we're not doing 500 crunches every workout, the stuff we do each workout can still make a girl's stomach look pretty badass :)

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