Monday, May 3, 2010

I spy a Double C's tee!

Last week Mike from my RunTex 5:30am class traveled with his family to Las Vegas!
Most people would head to Vegas - eat too much buffet food - sleep too late - gamble all night - see a few shows and drag ourselves home.

If you know Mike, you know that he is not "most people". He found the nearest CrossFit gym - 2.5 miles away - jogged there did Helen in a record 11:30 and jogged back.....all this before his first slot machine!

Congratulations, Mike. Thanks for sharing.

It is because of this type of dedication to his fitness that Mike has seen such amazing results.
Since August of 2009 - just 9 months - Mike has dropped from 24% to 12% body fat. He went from 172 lbs to 164 lbs.
That means Mike has lost 22 lbs of FAT and added 14 lbs of LEAN MUSCLE.
If you're interested in meeting YOUR fitness goals contact me today!

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  1. Good to know there is a Crossfit in Vegas. I am heading there in a few weeks and will definitely represent some double c's!