Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet the Benders!

Ok, so thanks to Jeremy technically I am a Thiel now but you get the point!

It's funny how moving away from my family has made us all closer. I moved to Texas 7 years ago today! Lots of things have changed since my move but one of the most profound changes is that I TALK to my family now. It's so easy to just take your friends and family for granted when they are just around the corner or only a car trip away. It's also easy not to really 'talk' to them but just 'be around' them instead.

Some of you may know that after many years of persuading my sister, Susan, just moved to town. Read her blog and you'll quickly realize she is the FUNNY one. I can't help but smile everytime I read her blog - but maybe that's just because she's my sister - You be the judge.


  1. Just started following her! I love the line in the post about ya'll going to Deep Eddy. ...."shut up and let me turn into an African". haha! So funny! :)