Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jonathan - Makin' things happen!

I want you to meet Jonathan......

He's been attending crossfit classes with us at RunTex since December.
When Jonathan started CrossFit just 6 months ago his fitness had gotten away from him as work became a priority.
Jonathan is an athlete - natural talent - innate strength - unbelievable ability to trash talk on the basketball court :) You get the picture!
However during Jonathan's first month or two at CrossFit Central, he had to fight to get into an air squat and some days the warm up and 400m jog made his head spin before we started the WOD.

Jonathan never got discouraged. Instead, he asked for help with his nutrition, work with me and Travis to correct his biomechanics, and continued to show up and feed off the energy of his classmates!

Last month as Jonathan broke records in the CrossFit Total, blasted thru met-cons like this, and knocked out kipping pull-ups with ease - it was obvious he is a changed man!

Congratulations, Jonathan on all your progress and being a part of the CrossFit Central community for 6 months!

1 comment:

  1. Go J go! We crawl through the work trenches together and the days we used to moan/complain about the high demanding account are now spent talking about nutrition, WODs and PR's!

    I'm so proud!