Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot and Humid - I love it!

Summer is here!  I LOVE the heat - I even love the heavy thick air that hits me when I walk outside my house, the grocery store, etc!  The colder the AC in the building I am leaving the more I love the heat.  Crazy huh?!

It's kind of a joke that I am the most hydrated person around :)  My sister and her friends all wonder how I don't float away and if we're out and about Jeremy knows he can always ask me for some water....I carry at least one 32oz bottle with me.  I know I am a dork - whatever!

Hydration is always important and almost every one of us is walking around dehydrated but this time of year it's even more important to drink up! 
  • Dehydration impairs both physical and mental performance in all types and levels of sport, yet it can be easily avoided. 
  • Did you know, even low levels of dehydration have physiological consequences? A loss of 2% body weight (just 2lbs for a 150lb person) causes an increase in perceived effort and is claimed to reduce performance by 10-20% .
How can you tell if you need more water?
  1. A simple way, is to notice the color of your urine - the less color the better!
  2. For another quick test - press your thumbs into the inside of your shin bone (the flat portion of your tibia).  If you can see an imprint when you remove your thumb - you're dehydrated!  
Try it and let me know if you past the test.
I've challenged several of my clients to drink at least one gallon of water every day!  Are you up for the challenge?


  1. I, too LOVE the heat and I love when I walk outside or get in my car and it's freakin hot!! Sometimes I just want to lay on the hot sidewalk just to soak it up. Call me crazy...

  2. I am the COMPLETE opposite! As a kid, I hated Disney World cause in mid July, it was more like Miserable World! AND...I was born here in August!
    Isn't that weird.

  3. Ok, i thought the thumb imprint test was to see how much water you were retaining? I drink over a gallon a day but always have those imprints...weird.

  4. yay - comments again :) I thought I'd lost "you"

  5. Hahaha... your comment about comments compelled me to write a comment. :)

    Funny, I never thought I would love the heat the way I do though. I was in New England last weekend and found it quite irritating that I was not drenched in sweat post WOD.

  6. I'm with Annie! And laying on the hot sidewalk is just WRONG :)