Thursday, June 10, 2010

Benchmark Week - CrossFit makes you stronger!

This month's benchmark was CrossFit Total. If you've been at the gym at Burnet or in Runtex, you've probably noticed PR's covering the whiteboards and lots of CHEERING as class mates encouraged each other to "make the final lift".

Congrats to everyone on my Spartan team who had a PR this week!
squat up 25 lbs to 225lbs
deadlift up 50lbs to 365lbs
shoulder press up 10 lbs to 85lbs
deadlift up 10lbs to 255lbs
I'll let Connie speak for herself.....
Yes!! PR 155# Back Squat, PR 65# Shoulder Press, PR 200# Deadlift!! Two other women in my class hit 200# Deads. We are calling it the 200 Club, waiting for Chris Gaussrian to hit 200 in her Deadlift. Then we are cracking open a bottle of Don Julio silver and will howl at the moon - TWOOOO HUNNNDRED CLUUUUBBBB!!!
And, I have 5 pull-ups with a kip! Big Smile on my face!! See... :)

If you had a PR this week, let me know, post to comments!

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