Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kbell skills session at Austin High

This past Saturday, Coach Chris Hartwell - aka kettlebell rockstar - met a couple of my Spartan's and a few of his Trojan team members for a kbell workshop. Most of our session was spent on movements our teams will see in their final benchmark - the kbell clean and press (for the Spartans) and the kbell snatch (for the Trojans).

With only 3 weeks left in the Spartan and Trojan challenge, many of you guys are picking up the pace and dialing in the nutrition! Now is the time to KEEP IT UP and make sure you DON"T GIVE IN to temptations. You've come so far - yet, you can make a ton of progress in the final 21days!

So far on my team -
Ryan has dropped over 3% body fat!
Cameron got his first strict pull up!
Mike has registered and is training for his first triathlon on July 11th
Connie has mastered 5 kipping pull ups in a row!!! She's a bit disappointed b/c she wants 10....little does she know we still have a few coaches who struggle to get 7 or 8 strung together! Be proud, Connie!
Emily has dropped at least 9 lbs and is well on her way to the running goals she set for this fall!
Kris is staying on track with her running plan and kept up the Spartan workouts even while one vacation!


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