Monday, June 28, 2010

Little polka dot bikini......

This poem courtesy of a Jack and Adam's Relentless boot camper and owner of 1379 store - Thanks Lindsay.

T’was the week before summer, when all through the town

college girls ran free, barely weighing a pound.

I dusted off my cute bikini with care,

Frighted that summer months soon would be here.

My thighs had been nestled snug in my jeans,

not fitting in shorts since probably my teens.

As the threat of getting in a swimsuit drew near,

the sound of my thighs rubbing together is all i could hear.

When out in the street what should appear,

A Crossfit trainer willing to yell in my ear.

Get down on the ground if you want to get in those suits,

More and more reps so we can firm up those glutes!

Away love handles! Away saddlebags!

Away cankles and rolls!

Away cookies! Away creampies!

Away cheese puffs and balls!

So I watched as the weight began to shed,

and had a striking thought appear in my head.

Why not do this all the year round?

Especially in a town where so many activities abound?

As quickly as the thought crossed my mind,

I ran to the best shop I could find!

1379 Sports is where I knew to go to get all my gear,

They had all the best shoes and shorts far and near!

And I hit the town lake trail ready to run,

knowing that I was bound to have fun.

And they heard me exclaim as I ran past a plumber,

Happy July to all and to all a good summer!
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